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December – it’s time for the pre-New Year rush, the time to think not just about the gifts, but also about where and how to spend the holidays. In anticipation of the Catholic Christmas across Europe there are multiple fairs working for the holiday season, where you can buy traditional souvenirs, try the national Christmas dish, listen to festive music.


Those who are going to rest with the children, definitely worth to try the option to go to Finland and attend a visit to the real Santa Claus, look at his house, ride a reindeer and dog sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing.

For accommodation its’ worth to choose from – a cozy cottage in Lapland or a hotel in Helsinki. At Christmas in Kemi is snowy and there’s an ice festival, during which the enthusiasts build snow hotel in life-size, where frost tourists can spend the night. In addition, it is worth going to such winter activities as international “games of the first snow” and “Rally in the Hills,” Winter Games in Ounasvaara, “Polar trails,” “Arctic Golf Santa Claus” and much more.


Ski resorts of Czech Republic – also an excellent choice. And for those who active and prefer noisy rest and the charm of small towns, consider a trip to Carlsbad, where even in winter, people bathe in the outdoor thermal springs. Prague from 5 to December 24, turns into a huge fair: all the Christmas sales, the river flows mulled wine and grog, walking through the streets of mummers and barkers.

According to legend, it was on Dec. 5 St. Nicholas, accompanied by an angel and a demon visits families in which there are small children. December 31 New Year’s Eve, people go out of their homes and raise their glasses with champagne. All bars, restaurants, discos and entertainment venues are open till morning, around live music. On the Charles Bridge, having stood in a queue, you can touch one of the articles and make a wish, which is certainly true.

Festivals and Events

In London, on 14, 24 and 28 December there will be Christmas music festivals. Royal Festival Hall is created specifically for such activities. December 14 – London speech chorus and orchestra BBC, the program with all of the popular Christmas songs. December 24 Christmas fest is for those who love classical music. And finally December 28 – the day the music of Strauss together with fancy-dress ball.

Admirers of Gypsy music should go to Hungary, where on December 30 in Budapest they will host holiday music and wine, with the participation of world famous Gypsy Orchestra and tasting of Hungarian wines. A New Year’s Eve at the Opera House – one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe – will take place this New Year’s Ball and Gala Concert with soloists and dancers Opera House and foreign stars. And after a whirlwind of celebration, everyone will be able to plunge into the hot mineral springs, which are so many throughout Hungary.

In Germany before Christmas, “the epicenter” festival is Nuremberg, which opens the main Christmas market of the country – Kriskindlesmarkt – with daily shows. After Christmas, the most interesting things are happening mainly in Berlin. Fans of unusual events on December 31 can take part in the carnival of New Year’s pancake race, and that evening a few million people from all over Germany gather at the Brandenburg Gate. Start of the New Year marks the fireworks over the gate and the Victory Column. The next day, those who woke up in time, may be re-run on the Unter den Linden.

In Belgium and Denmark, in December it’s a month of beer. The Largest Christmas beer festival will present 75 beers for the tasting of the beer-lovers in the Belgian city of Essen (northern Belgium, near Antwerp). In Denmark, the Christmas beer is sweet, dark drink is young and the sales of it start in November.


For those who prefer a change of climate, it is worth thinking about the rest of the Indian resort of Goa. There in December – the height of the summer season. The temperature generally does not exceed 30-32 ° C, and trips to the beach can vary tours to the plantation of spices, elephant farm and other exotic places. A great option could be to the December holiday in Cuba. So-called dry season starts here in September and lasts until mid-April. Average temperature is 28-32 ° C, water temperature – 24-25 ° C. About the same weather in December and awaits those who wish to travel to the Dominican Republic. The rainy season is going on here is usually from May to September, in December, may be only occasional warm showers, air temperature is 25 ° C. Also in search of sunny weather and beautiful landscapes you can go to Vietnam. The best hotels are in the popular resorts of Danang, Nyachang, Dalat. In December, the weather in this part of Vietnam is excellent: 25-27 ° C. However, it is worth considering that the ocean during these months of the year is rather uneasy and it fits only for those who are great swimmers.

A pleasant and relaxing stay somewhere on the coast – it’s just, if you stop your choice on a trip to the Maldives, where the main entertainment – grazing in Chinese, Italian and local national restaurants, karaoke and dancing around the pool, and a highlight is the night visiting fishing.

Combining a noisy New Year celebrations with the change of climate can be done in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is turning into one of the most important centers of the New World. In the New Year’s Eve here is fiery carnival, the main venue of which are the beaches of Copacabana. And after lunch the night can be actively carried out in one of the expensive hotels along the beach. The only thing to remember – this year the organizers expect more than 2 million participants the night festivities, which means that even a ticket to the beach on the subway should be bought  in advance.




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