Visiting Historical Egypt

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In Egypt, the vacationer can experience a genuine historical atmosphere as well as explore ancient sights and cultural treasures. The country also offers great opportunities for a beach holiday in the clear waters of the Red Sea.


Beaches, Sun, and Desert


The Republic of Egypt is located in North Africa and its neighbors are Israel, Libya, and Sudan. Egypt has a coastline in both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. One of Egypt’s most popular holiday destinations is Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, and Cairo. Much of Egypt is part of the Sahara desert and therefore scarcely populated. Most Egyptians live on the Nile’s shores in cultivable land and urbanization is concentrated.

Subtropical Climate


Egypt belongs to a subtropical area and the country’s climate is a mild desert climate. The temperature rises to over 20 degrees in the winter and summer, but the heat is not sticky, as the humidity is low. The sun always shines, and rain is rare. The nights are chilly, as the temperature can drop to ten degrees.

Egypt’s temperature in October-November is about +30 degrees. From December to February it’s a little cooler, about +20 degrees. In the months of summer, Egypt will bathe in the heat and the daytime temperatures may rise to +40 degrees Celsius.

Culture and Fun




Egypt offers experiences for people who are interested in culture and history. Of course, the Karnak cult center and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor are worth visiting, as well as the famous Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian museum collections in Cairo. The River Nile River is also an intriguing experience.

Egypt is considered to be an international center for belly dances and, on holiday, it is worthwhile to look at an exaggerated gang dance with a skilfully acting belly dancer. Egyptian music is an exotic blend of Egyptian originals, Arabian, African and Western influences.

One of the features of Egyptian urban life is coffee rooms offering not only coffee and tea but also lemon juice and a yogurt-based drink zabaadya.

Water Sports


Egyptian bright and warm sea waters provide a great setting for diving and snorkeling. Diving schools with international staff are also among the major tourist attractions. Egypt’s fabulous beaches have a good setting for surfing, water skiing and playing beach volleyball. It is also worth attending a boat ride on a glass bottom boat to explore the underwater world of the Red Sea.




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