Top Five Countries To Visit In 2017

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1. Sri Lanka

… is an island located just off the South of India, famous for it exotic and lively atmosphere.



World Hertitage City of Kandy (Photo: Maximilian Imran Faleel)

2. Iceland

…a volcanic island home to E15 (Eyjafjallajökull Volcano) and the world renowned blue lagoon. The country is peaceful, serene and full of nature’s surprises.


Tjörnin (Photo: theresamariakl)

3. Australia

 …waaay down under is the land of the Aussies with the funny accents and surfer dudes. But more than that, depending on how you choose Australia can either be the ultimate relaxing holiday destination or can provide you with awesome adventure opportunities. Packed with water sports, iconic buildings, beautiful sights and BBQ’s on beaches – what’s not to love?!

 18922760259_092aa3f8b8_bUluru (Photo: Steve Deeves)

4. Croatia

 …a thousand islands and more. The islands have recently increased in popularity since the popular TV series Game Of Thrones was released. Dubrovnik is one the largest islands and is famous for its impenertrable walls which were built to protect the people of the city.

 30683957076_ffe6aae7e1_kDubrovnik (Photo: Luca Sartoni)

6. Canada

 …Regarding recent events (the US election) Canada has become both an ideal holiday destination and place of residence, but all jokes aside, the country is truly stunning. If you have the time: turn off your phone, wonder at nature in disbelief that such a landscape can naturally exist and take a moment to reconnect with nature and stay grounded. Sometimes we all need a bit piece and quite to recuperate.

 30330317713_107c2db44c_bHoneymoon Lake (Photo: Dennis Kleine)

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