The Best Places to Visit if you hire a Campervan in New Zealand

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New Zealand is not one of those destinations where you have to travel far and wide to see something interesting. It is a land of wonders and one can easily get lost in its intoxicating beauty. The pristine beaches, dense forests, snowcapped peaks, glacier lakes and remarkable wildlife are just overwhelming. Hiring a campervan is the best way to see New Zealand at your own place, and while at it, some of the best places t see include:


Fiordland is located in the South Island and is one of the few places on earth, which is left untouched and unchanged by human activity. Its raw natural beauty welcomes you to a haven of peaces with beautiful surroundings away from bustling city life, allowing you to soak up in its immense wonders of nature. Its sheltered nature and remote location makes it a home for some of the world’s rarest wildlife species meaning it has achieved the World Heritage status. Its beauty incorporates encompassing icy fiords, majestic snowcapped peaks, breathtaking waterfalls cascading down to deep gorgeous lakes and lush green valleys.


The North Island of New Zealand enjoys warm subtropical climate as well as rich history. The Bay of Islands is famous for its 144 different islands dotting the warm turquoise waters. The islands boasts of magnificent luscious green forest cover, and surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches.

The warm waters surrounding the islands are home to New Zealand’s famous marine wildlife, which include the inquisitive and playful bottlenose dolphins and migratory whales. Swimming with the dolphins is an unforgettable experience.

The Bay of Islands beaches offer a hub for fun activities such as boat sailing, kayaking, swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. You can also enjoy delicious seafood in this area.


Queenstown is a popular touristic destination and it is easy to see why, it is the perfect blend of majestic natural scenery and exhilarating experiences for thrill seekers. The city is nestled beneath the mighty Crown Mountain range and lies beside the turquoise waters of the Lake Wakatipu. It is the ideal destination to have the best of both worlds, natural beauty all in a fabulous city.

It is famous for its adrenaline pumping background, its geographical diversities allows for adventurous activities such as bungee jumping in rocky canyons, riding a jet boat down tumbling rivers and sky diving over the most amazing scenery.


Rotorua lies in the central North Island and is famous for its geothermal reactions and rich Maori culture. Due to the geothermal activity, the town has numerous naturally heated pools and as you drive around the town, your nostrils will not escape the egg smell and you will notice hot steams trying to escape from the hot underground. It is a great destination to relax and enjoy natural steaming. If you are still up for adventure, this area is great for mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and walking.

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