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Le Grand Vefour: A Timeless Parisian Treasure

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The topic was Paris, and the conversation had gone from art to fashion to food when someone mentioned Le Grand Vefour. At that, a friend, who had lived in France some years ago, fell into a spell of recollection, recounting in specific and blissful detail the time she had dined at this storied restaurant. Le Grand Vefour will have such… Read more »

At Guy Savoy Where “A Meal is a Celebration of Life”

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What makes for a three-star Michelin experience?  Since the award, reportedly, comes from the kitchen, the quality and preparation of the food would have to be exemplary. But the service would be superb as well, the setting inviting. And yet, there would be something more – some ineffable quality that gives truth to the adage “The whole is more… Read more »

Taking the Wine Road to the Park Hyatt Mendoza

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“Mendoza is like a new-born destination, like a new baby just starting out. That’s the great thing about working here: we’re creating a destination,” says Carl Emberson, general manager of the Park Hyatt, Mendoza City’s only five-star hotel. For the moment, that is. Others are on the way. Still, this place will be difficult to… Read more »

The Francis Marion: A Historic Hotel in a Historic City

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“Charleston, Charleston/ Made in Carolina/Some dance, some prance/I’ll say there’s nothing finer/Than the Charleston, Charleston. . .” Spontaneously one of us broke into the anthem of the Roaring Twenties as we crossed the Ashley River into the historic downtown section of the town Conde Nast ranked best city in the USA in 2011, only to… Read more »

Fine Dining at the Lorenz Adlon – In the Shadow of the Brandenburg Gate

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Night was beginning to fall when we entered Lorenz Adlon, and the lights illuminating the Brandenburg Gate, visible from the dining room’s windows, had just come on. Lit from below, the neo-classical columns and famed quadriga grounded the setting. We could be nowhere but Berlin. At the same time, the restaurant bespoke a moment —… Read more »

Getting Our Bearings at the Grand Hyatt of Berlin

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Although it’s been nearly twenty years since the Wall came down and Berlin was reunited, it took a while for us to get our bearings in this throbbing, trendy city that has become one of the most desirable of European destinations. Whenever we came upon a remnant of the Wall (and there are many —… Read more »

A Time To Remember At The Hôtel San Régis In Paris

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One of the hottest books of the 2005 Christmas season is “Woman in the Mirror,” Richard Avedon’s paean to feminine beauty across five decades of the past century. Among the legendry actresses and high-fashion models that appear in this hefty tome is the photographer’s wife Evelyn, posing in exuberant mood, in the couple’s suite at… Read more »