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The Wow Factor: St. David’s Hotel and Spa and What’s Happening in Cardiff, Wales

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At first glance, Rocco Forte’s St. David’s Hotel and Spa on Cardiff Bay brings to mind the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain. Not that the steel and glass tower in the Welsh capital bears any resemblance to Frank Gehry’s titanium abstraction. Yet both structures, thrusting like monumental ships onto waterways once lined with wharves, declare… Read more »

Tea for Two at the Dorchester Hyde Park, London

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Once you only had tea at the local Chinese restaurant or in bed, sick with a cold or flu. And then, it was never anything but Lipton. But times, happily, have changed. Today a great range of teas is available at specialty shops and fine restaurants. Even “Afternoon Teas” are catching on. For an authentic… Read more »

“Puttin’ on the Ritz” At The London Ritz

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We will always remember it as the spring when it rained without end in New York, while in London, the sun shone brightly day after day. And we were at the Ritz. Is there a place that compares to the London Ritz? The arcaded lane bordering Piccadilly; the mansard roof with its multiple chimneys;        the Grand Gallery… Read more »

Aroma, Rome – Like No Other Place

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A rainy Saturday night in Rome. Gloomy atmosphere, chill in the air as we headed by taxi for a dining experience at the highly touted Aroma restaurant. We entered what we discovered was a hotel as well as a restaurant, lodged in a fully and splendidly upgraded  building dating back to the 1500s. There Bruno… Read more »

Watching the Sun Set Over Lake Geneva at the Hotel du Parc des Eaux Vives

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They say close to 50% of Geneva’s population is comprised of foreigners and their families, people who work for the more than  200 international organizations, banks and corporations that have chosen to locate here — probably for some very practical reasons. But the evening we dined in the Parc des Eaux-Vives, the only reason we… Read more »

A Young Chef Who Appreciates Tradition at Aquavit

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There’s a new Executive Chef at Aquavit, and his name is Marcus. Not to be confused with Marcus Samuelsson who ran the kitchen of the famed Scandinavian restaurant in Manhattan for some years but has now turned his attention to his native Ethiopian and other African cuisines. No, we are speaking of Marcus Jernmark. He… Read more »

Madrid’s Golden Museum Triangle

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Mention the Golden Triangle in Los Angeles and they’ll think swanky shops in Beverly Hills. But say it in Madrid, and the three museums in the heart of the city will immediately come to mind. Collectively the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and Reina Sofia house perhaps the greatest collection of western art in the world, and they sit just minutes from… Read more »

The Bernini Bristol and the Centurion Palace

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“Springtime in Rome.” Sounds like the title of one of those mid 20th century  big-screen movies “in glorious Technicolor” where the melodies of songs like “Two Coins in the Fountain” and “Arrivedecri Roma” would linger long after the closing scene. Such is the mood. The flowers are blooming, a new pope has been elected to… Read more »