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Keeping the Best of the Past at the Westin Palace, Madrid

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“The question is how do we retain the special identity of this hotel within the corporate model?” asks Carlo Suffredini. We are sitting in the domed rotunda of Madrid’s Palace Hotel. Late afternoon sunlight filters through the stained-glass, the bands of sky-blue and the garlands of roses above us, adding to the illumination of a chandelier shimmering with light. Delicate strains… Read more »

The Centrality of Madrid

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As often as we’ve been to Madrid, the Plaza de Colon never fails to catch us unawares. We may come upon it turning off elegant, shop-lined Serano Street. Or we may approach it directly from the broad tree-lined Paseo de Recoletos. But whenever the towering image of Christopher Columbus looms up before us, it’s as… Read more »

Fine Art and Fine Dining at Madrid’s Villa Real

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It was the Roman philosopher Seneca who said “Wise people know how to be among things which exalt their intellect,” but it is the Spanish hotelier Jordi Clos Llombart who has taken this adage as a personal mission.  By moving works from his private collection of art to his collection of hotels, he allows guests… Read more »

Seville’s Many Splendored Hotel Alfonso XIII

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We’d arrived on a glorious morning, having streaked down the center of Spain on the silvery high-speed Ave that hurtled past the plains of La Mancha as the sun rose, passing through the undulating, olive-tree-filled landscape of Andalusia, and pulling into Seville some two hours after we’d left the Atocha Station in Madrid. Not much… Read more »

Getting The Royal Treatment At The Hotel Villa Magna of Madrid

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  It was late morning when our Air Europa plane landed at Madrid’s Barajas Airport and early afternoon when we checked into the Hotel Villa Magna.  By the time we unpacked and slept off the jet lag, night had fallen.  As it was not yet nine o’clock, the hour restaurants throughout Spain open for dinner,… Read more »

Beautiful Barcelona’s “Old Glory” The Avenida Palace Hotel

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“The Avenida Palace?” said a friend when we told her of our Barcelona destination. “Ah, that’s one of the old glories.” An “old glory” indeed. Located at Barcelona’s very heart where the Gran Via meets the Passeig de Gràcia, virtually around the corner from a pair of Gaudi architectural masterpieces: Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, and but a few… Read more »

The Pierre – A Taj Hotel: Manhattan’s Peerless Property

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The Pierre – A Taj Hotel:  Manhattan’s Peerless Property  As native New Yorkers and also oral historians, who — in the process of interviewing people for our book “Manhattan at Mid Century”– have visited just about every neighborhood in the city, we figured we knew New York. And then we checked into the Pierre. Entering… Read more »

A Tale of Two Hotels in One of the Oldest Cities in the World: The Hotel Grand Vesuvio, The Hotel Excelsior Naples Italy

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We are sitting with Franco Milano on an evening in the beautiful classical lounge of the Hotel Excelsior. Cream-colored Roman shades have been lowered over the French doors and windows that line the room of this historic property. Soft light from antique Murano chandeliers spills over tall glass vases filled with white and fuchsia orchids…. Read more »

It’s MAGIC – London’s Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

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Two massive, bronze dogs of an Oriental cast stand guard at the front entrance to one of London’s great hotels: the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. Their tongues are rolling balls, and when Liam Lambert arrives at the hotel every morning, he turns to the one on the right, puts his hand in its mouth and… Read more »