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The Sofitel Champs Elysees: “C’est Unforgettable”

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 Parisian taxi drivers can become instant confidantes. On our last trip several months ago, Henri became a fast friend as he drove us from Charles de Gaulle Airport into Paris. We had not yet cleared the airport when he       turned around and asked, “You are Americans, no? How do you like the singing of Nat King Cole?”… Read more »


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“I am basically a finance professional,” said Arun Nanda, founder of Club Mahindra Holidays, a collection of family-oriented properties throughout India. We had met Arun, (who is also one of the principals of Mahindra and Mahindra, the automobile manufacturing and tractor sales company), in Israel the year before when he was delivering a series of… Read more »

Beautiful Buenos Aires: A Place of Possibilities

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From the Frommer’s Vault “Honey are you ready for tango?” said the voice on the other end of the phone. It was Christophe Lorvo calling his wife Alicia one morning last fall. The young general manager of  the Hyatt Regency Madeleine in Paris had just gotten the word: he would be moving on to head… Read more »

Club 21 – The World’s Classiest Saloon

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Many were the times that we walked down West 52nd Street and stopped to admire the row of 32 jockeys in jaunty stance and colorful riding habit lining the staircase and wrought iron balcony of the townhouse with the number 21 emblazoned on its marquee. Intrigued we may have been, yet never once did we venture inside. Isn’t that… Read more »

Visit to an Istanbul Synagogue: August 2001

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The fraying of the long-standing relationship between Turkey and Israel is a late irony of an ironic age. Until recently, friendship between the two nations seemed a constant, a beacon of peace in an otherwise tension-wracked Middle East. It was also a modern manifestation of the historic connection begun the summer of 1492 when the… Read more »

‘Stayin’ at the Savoy in Magical Madeira

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Coming out of the snowiest March in New England history, imagine what a pleasure it was to disembark from a plane on a morning that felt like the middle of June, swiftly exit a calm and orderly airport, and find a man named Jorge standing in the sunlight, waiting for you. He loads your bags… Read more »

The Wow Factor: St. David’s Hotel and Spa and What’s Happening in Cardiff, Wales

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At first glance, Rocco Forte’s St. David’s Hotel and Spa on Cardiff Bay brings to mind the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain. Not that the steel and glass tower in the Welsh capital bears any resemblance to Frank Gehry’s titanium abstraction. Yet both structures, thrusting like monumental ships onto waterways once lined with wharves, declare… Read more »