Lapping Up Luxury In A Maldives Water Villa

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With its astonishing underwater world, spectacular white-sand beaches and unrivalled luxury, the Maldives have truly become an epitome of a tropical paradise. An idyllic getaway nestled amidst the Indian Ocean, this ethereal archipelago is a Mecca for surfers and scuba divers, who come to lay eyes on its rich marine life and breathtaking coral reefs. Furthermore, the archipelago is simply an irresistible magnet for romantic couples and travelers who desire a tranquil nature experience.

As a tourist in this surreal tropical paradise, you may experience the ultimate Maldivian luxury by staying in a lavish water villa. Elevated over the crystal clear sapphire waters of the Maldives, a water villa is a gorgeous overwater bungalow with a secluded plunge pool, glass-paneled floors, big wraparound decks, and a ladder that would lead you down to the beautiful waters, providing direct access to the ocean. What’s more, a water villa offers its guests a high-level of privacy, which can be a great boon for newlyweds and couples looking to add more spice to their relationship.

There is no shortage of cushy and ritzy villas in the Maldives. A holy grail for lovers of exotic water villas, no other tourist on the face of the earth offers as much as water villas as the Maldives. As a matter of fact, nearly 75 percent of all the water villas in the world are found in this pristine and snazzy utopia.

Looking for an amazing water villa like this to crash during your trip to the Maldives? Then, take a look at this collection of some of the finest and most luxurious water villas in this tropical haven.

Cocoa Island by COMO

Heralded as one of the world’s finest overwater bungalows, the Cocoa Island by COMO is certainly a beloved overwater resort, thanks to its unique and stylish design. Unlike most water villas in the archipelago, the guest rooms in this ravishing resort don’t have traditional thatched roofs. Instead, they are designed to look like rustic dohni boats. Aside from its one-of-a-kind design, the resort also has ton of amazing facilities and amenities, such as a private sundeck with loungers as well as butler services. To top it all off, the island-resort has dazzling waters teeming with manta rays and coral reefs.

Ayada Maldives

While the Ayada is a relatively new addition to the archipelago’s collection of overwater bungalows, it has quickly become one of the world’s most sought-after water villas. Boasting a streamlined contemporary design, Ayada’s beautiful water villas come with overwater hammocks, plunge pools and private verandas. Giving you a slice of heaven on earth, this resort also delights its guests with its majestic and magical charm.

Baros Maldives

The Baros Maldives is arguably the most beautiful and serene luxury resort in the region. A small private coral island in the Maldives, this picturesque nirvana has a cluster of elegant villas with private pools and a tranquil setting. Known as one of the most romantic villas in the Maldives, the Baros Maldives is by far a nostalgic honeymoon getaway.

Yet, for its grandeur and beauty, the resort will always be known for its top-notch service. After all, it is an award-winning resort with a history of excellence in service.

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