Into China’s Wild Wild West

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Starting in February 2016, The China Guide now offers tours in Dunhuang and Jiayuguan. Located in northwest Gansu Province, the two towns were important stops on the historic Silk Road.

Although it is not on every visitor’s must-see list, this part of Gansu is home to a large number of well-preserved historic sites including the UNESCO World Heritage Mogao Grottoes. “Dunhuang is a must for anyone interested in China’s Silk Road history and art history as nearly every caravan entering or leaving China had to stop there,” says Director of Business Development Michelle Raffanti, “And with the Jiayuguan Fort just a day trip away, this area is perfect for a three day diversion from the standard China triangle.”

The spectacular Gobi Desert setting is yet another reason for travelers to visit. Dunhuang’s Singing Sand Dunes and Resonant Gorge Park offers fun activities for children such as sand gliding, sand surfing and camel rides. The park’s central Crescent Moon Lake is a favorite for sunset or sunrise viewing. Likewise, the distant snow-capped peaks circling the Jiayuguan Fort also add to its mystique.

The China Guide offers tailored, private tours of Dunhuang and Jiayuguan which can be taken alone or added to any China tour. Area guides and drivers provide The China Guide’s customary high quality service. For more information contact

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