French Riviera: 5 things Not to Miss

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The unusual itinerary of the French Riviera There are flowers and scents, old villages, divided by verdant hills, luminous landscapes of bright colors. The Blue Cost is considered by all as the most fascinating and romantic place in the Europe. It isn’t a chance that the surroundings of Cannes attract always artists and famous persons. It is enough a couple of days to explore the hinterland that inspired artists such as Picasso, Matisse o Modigliani.


These are the tours that we recommend The hinterland of Cannes begins about ten kilometers distant from the sea: Mougins is the place where Picasso had passed last years of his life, the beautiful village, with a circular plan, visited also by Yves Saint Laurent. Recently, there it was opened the Musee d ’Art Clas-sique that goes alonside by a lot of local art galleries. Mougins is one of the saint places of French gastronomy, with excellent (and expensive) restaurants.

Grasse, the paradise of perfumes Surrounded by gardens and flower a plantation, Grasse is the world capital of perfume, the city where the famous “nose” designers of the most well-known fragrances are created. There are about thirty local companies that produce the perfumes and essentials sold in the whole world. Just for curiosity: the use of orange flowers, roses, jasmine, tuberose and other species originally was related to the tanners and the essentials, extracted from the petals, used to make gloves perfumed.

Bormes les Mimosas In this beautiful medieval village grow about 700 of plants, one flourishing mix of climbing plants, shrubs, tree, and flowers of the different and distant origins. There is such a botanic abundance due to the outstanding clime, typical for the Blue Cost. Bormes les Mimosas is such a real discovery even for its architectonical treasures as well as for the atmosphere that there can be felt by walking continuously up/down among the alleys, tiny streets, stairs, and covered walkways.

Port Hercules Monaco Certainly the name is not the most famous one, but men fans of the Formula 1, have seen the splendid port at list once in their life. The Port Hercules is the attractive panorama where the Gran Prix of Monaco takes place. Wonderful, near to the Cassino, The Prot Hercules is the favorite target of the VIP world that docks their grand yachts in order to pass a weekend in Monte Carlo. If you would like to get unforgettable experience; the Mediterranean Yacht Charter offers wonderful cruises from Monte Carlo to Sain Tropez.

The Fort de Bregancon: from Napoleon to Sarkozy The small fortified rocky promontory protected by winds and turned towered the Hyeres islands; Le Fort de Brehanon lies behind the past rich of the sieges, destructions and reconstructions. It was already inhabited by Napoleon, since 1968 became the official residency of French presidents that visit it with more or less enthusiasm. Chirac adored it, while Sarkozy sojourns occasionally with Carla. Do you remember pompously pregnant Carla in bikini last summer? She was photographed exactly there .



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