Five secrets you didn’t know about in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a very popular European destination for the very many tourists who come there each year, but the city has secrets that most visitors know nothing about. So let us take a look at five of Amsterdam’s secrets.


Parties at the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

By day the Van Gogh Museum is a popular gallery for the works of Holland’s most famous painter, but every Friday evening the venue holds a party. These events are based around art, craft or music, but whatever the theme, there is a well-stocked cocktail bar and DJs too.


Free classical music and jazz concerts

Classical Music Concert in Amsterdam

If you enjoy classical and jazz music you are in for a treat because there are regular free concerts in Amsterdam. The Musiektheater in Waterlooplein puts on concerts every Tuesday at 12.30pm. The performances take place in the foyer of the building. As well as this, the Royal Concertgebouw in Museumplein holds lunchtime concerts every Wednesday, and there is no charge to watch the musicians play.


Amsterdam’s Beaches

It may come as a surprise to learn that Amsterdam actually has its own beaches, so if you fancy going to the beach on a hot summer’s day you don’t need to leave the city to find what you are looking for. Strandzuid, Dok Amsterdam and Strand IJburg all have sand and their own restaurants where you can eat and drink by the water. Strandzuid was artificially made but it has a luxury beach image and the fashion conscious tend to gather there in summer to relax and sip cocktails. It is open in spring and summer and often stages events.


Strand Zuid

Strand IJburg attracts all sorts of people, including families with children. This is a beach where you can go swimming, unlike the other beaches, and in the evenings there is often a campfire here. Dok Amsterdam is an urban beach situated in Amsterdam West and is close to the city centre. It has a play area for the children.


A Community Farm

Amsterdam has its own community farm known as the Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen (“Neighbourhood Farm Our Pleasure”) which is behind the Westerpark. All sorts of activities take place here, including yoga classes, and you can even adopt a sheep. It hosts public events, including live music performances, and it has its own restaurant and farm shop. With its green fields this farm is a real oasis in a bustling city and a wonderful place to visit and relax.


A sculpture by Picasso standing in a park

“Figure découpée L’Oiseau” by Pablo Picasso

Sculptures and paintings by Picasso are usually on show in museums and galleries but in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark stands Figure découpée l’Oiseau (”The Bird”), which was created by Picasso in 1965 as part of an outdoor sculpture exhibition. This artwork was donated to the city by the world-famous artist and remains on show in its parkland home. Many people do not realise they can see a Picasso original in a public park.


It is easy to find accommodation in the capital of the Netherlands, and there are plenty of Amsterdam hotels where you can stay when you are not out exploring the city and discovering its many secrets.



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