5 Tips For Saving On Your Travel Insurance This Summer

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With summer already in full effect, a lot of travelers are now searching for ways to cut costs and save money from their summer escapade. For some summer travelers, travel insurance is the first expense that they would cut down. To them, this insurance coverage is nothing more than just an unnecessary chit. But little do they know, a travel insurance policy is just as important as securing a passport, a pair of sunglasses and foreign currency when traveling abroad.

Most tourists take this form of insurance lightly, and never discuss it with their travel agents. As a traveler, though, it’s downright essential for you to secure this policy, to cover your expenses in the event of any unexpected situations that may lead to a financial loss. Whether it’s your health, possession, luggage or trip, a travel insurance coverage can be a boon for you as you travel this summer.

You don’t need to skip your travel insurance, in order to trim down your vacation budget this summer. To save money from your travel insurance this sizzling sunny season, make sure to take note these of these five helpful tips and suggestions:

Don’t buy it from a travel agent

Never buy your travel insurance from an airline, tour operator or travel agent. Basically, buying a policy from any of these operators can result into a higher premium with minimal benefits.  This is quite a common mistake that a lot of summertime travelers make, and could be a result of the lack of options in travel insurance offered by the travel suppliers. Thankfully, there are a lot of comparison engines that offer a ton of options with better and more dependable travel insurance policies. What’s more, their insurance policies don’t have a hefty price tag.

Check your home insurance

Before you buy a policy, make sure to check your home insurance since most home policies include insurance for personal belongings when they are brought away from home.

Get an EHIC

If you are planning to go to a European destination this summer, secure an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for your trip.  With this card, you get access to the healthcare provided by the European state, for free or at a reduced cost. Also, some insurance policies would waive the excess for your medical claims when you use this card to get medical treatment during your trip. By the way, you can get this card for free by registering at ehic.org.uk.

Spend time comparing policies

If you want to save a lot of money from your travel insurance, you need to put a little time and effort in comparing insurance quotes.  Don’t settle for the first insurance coverage you have laid eyes on. Try to look for more, and compare them, before you choose the one that best suits your budget and preferences.

Aside from their rates, you should also consider their value. As far as insurance is concerned, value is more important than money. While an insurer like this may be slightly costlier than the others, never write them off, as they could offer a better and more valuable service.

Remove unnecessary coverage plans

Read your insurance policy thoroughly and remove the coverage plans that you won’t need for your trip. For instance, exclude rental coverage if you are not planning on driving during your summer escapade.

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