5 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon in Kenya

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Kenya is one of the leading safari destinations in the world. It is home to some of the finest and largest wildlife parks in Africa where spotting the Big Five is as easy as ABC. It is also fast becoming a much sought after honeymoon destination for various reasons:


Kenya gives you an unforgettable honeymoon experience is such breathtaking locations. It is a culturally rich country with a fantastic topographical diversity of snowcapped peaks, sprawling deserts, grasslands, plateaus, the Great Riftvalley, dazzling lakes and dramatic beaches. These breathtaking settings form the perfect backdrop for your romantic escape. The Great Riftvalley is a magical honeymoon destination featuring lush mountains rising above the floor of the valley and beautiful lakes some bearing the impressive weight of recognition as World Heritage Sites.


If there is one thing that is synonymous with Kenya, it is its wildlife. It boasts of numerous parks teeming with spectacular wildlife where animals roam freely in their natural habitat. Some of the most remarkable parks include the Masai Mara, Shompole, Amboseli, Tsavo East and West, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo National Parks. In these parks, you can enjoy adventurous safaris during your honeymoon; each of the parks is home to different types of animals, from crawlers to the Big Five. For those seeking to spice up a honeymoon with some fun and connecting with nature, Kenya does exactly that and more.


Kenya is a developing nation; however, this is not an excuse as to lag behind in terms of touristic accommodations. You will be surprised at the range of luxurious accommodation whether in the jungle, in the cities or along the coastline. It offers an assortment of impressive accommodations ranging from luxurious lodges in the parks to five star hotels in the cities and from colonial manor houses in the Central Highlands to incredible beach resorts along the coast. Whether you want an intimate secluded villa in with a private beach access or an exotic experience in the jungle, you are spoilt for choice in Kenya.


The Kenyan coast stretches for miles in such a dramatic manner leaving behind swathes of sandy beaches, sleepy fishing villages, coral reefs, secluded coves and swaying palm trees. It is the perfect setting for a tropical honeymoon. It is also historically rich with ancient buildings and monuments such as the Fort Jesus in Mombasa. The Lamu Island is also a honeymooner’s paradise with its authentic Swahili culture and Arab influenced architecture. Diani beach is a beautiful spot for honeymooners as it its less crowded, clean and green.


With its world famous parks and stunning beaches, couples may have a daunting task as to where to spend their honeymoon. However, Kenya offers an opportunity for honeymooners to combine both safari and beach for the ultimate honeymoon experience. You can spend an adventurous day in the Masai Mara and the next lazing on the sun-kissed beaches along the coast.

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