5 Places You Have To Visit In France

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Thinking of visiting France? Planning your itinerary will not be an easy feat. There are many places that are all as tempting as each other. To help you plan your vacation, keep on reading and we’ll tell you more about what you can visit.




This is pretty much the most obvious place to visit when planning a French holiday. The home of the iconic Eiffel Tower, it is also known for its romanticism. If you are vacationing with a loved one, this is specifically a good place to visit. It is also home to many museums, making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves art and culture. If you are visiting with the family, Disneyland Paris is definitely one of the attractions that should be visited here. If you are thinking of staying in a villa then have a look at the selection by Oliver’s Travels.



For wine lovers, this is one of the cities in France that will be worth a visit. One of the attractions that should not be missed is La Cite du Vin, which is the perfect place to discover the city’s rich culture. It is a 13,350-square meter space, which is dedicated for anything that is related to wine. The scenic River Garrone will also be worth your time, which can be best explored while riding a boat. More so, there are eleven museums in the city where you can learn more about contemporary art, national history, and ethnography, among other things.



This is perhaps one of the most charming locations in France. When you see it for the first time, you will be amazed with its beauty, which can be compared to the places you only used to see in fairy-tale books. The Palace of Versailles is one attraction that should not be missed. For an even better visual treat, make sure to visit the Gardens of Versailles, which covers an expansive area of around 800 hectares. For learning about history and art, one of the best attractions is Musee Lambinet.



Part of the French Riviera, this is one of the most exciting coastal destinations that you can visit. One of the places that you should visit is Promenade des Anglais or English Walk. For the best of art, Chagall Museum will be worth your time, as well as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The neighbourhood around Old Town will also be captivating. Make sure that you will still have the energy after sunset. In the entire Riviera, Nice is perhaps the one with the most vibrant nightlife.



This city in the Rhone Valley will offer a visual treat in more ways than one. One of the best things about this destination is its food, providing you with the guarantee that you will never go hungry. Aside from the restaurants, it is also known as a fashion and shopping hub. For a better understanding of culture and heritage, make sure to visit the Museum of Archaeology. The neighbourhood of Colline de la Croix-Rousse, which used to be a weaving capital, is also a must-see. To best explore the city, ride a bike and enjoy the journey at your own pace.

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