5 Of The Best Zip Lines

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Riding a Zip Line (Photo: Dottie Day)

Zip lines provide an extremely exciting outdoor activity for adventurous people who are not scared of heights. These aerial runways transport riders along a cable high in the air, and these lines can be strung across a river, forests, or even a mountain gorge. There are many truly amazing zip lines in the world today and in this article we will take a look at five of the best zip lines.

How do Zip Lines work?

Before we discover some of the world’s most incredible zip lines let us briefly take a look at how they work. Riders are attached to the cable of a zip line by a harness attached to a removable zip line. The safety and efficiency of these trolleys is due to the plain bearings and construction components they employ. A user will be pulled by the force of gravity from the top to the bottom on a zip line with an inclined cable and the ride can be at a considerable speed. A passive arrester system or handbrake is used to slow and stop the ride. Safety helmets are, of course, necessary for all riders.

The Monster

With a length of 7,590 feet, the longest zip line in the world is at the Toro Verde Adventure Park in Puerto Rico. This death-defying ride, which is 1,200 feet above the ground,  is aptly named El Monstruo (“The Monster”) and can reach speeds of up to 90 mph.

Flight of the Gibbon


Flight of the Gibbon (Photo: Jennifer Brown)

In Mae Kampong in Thailand is a zip line park created in the jungle. Here you will find the longest single zip line in Asia with a length of over 2,600 feet. This thrilling ride goes over the jungle and is aptly called the Flight of the Gibbon.

Great Wall of China



Finish of the Simatai zip line (Photo: SarahDepper)

The Simatai zip line gives amazing views of the Great Wall of China and the Mandarin Duck Lake. This 40-second aerial journey makes for a truly memorable experience.

Stowe Mountain Zip Line Tour


Mt Mansfield (Photo: Wesley Carr)

Mt Mansfield in Vermont is the highest peak in the area, and after a test flight at the base, is also the starting point for a thrilling descent that is part of the Stowe Mountain Zip Line tour.

Ziptrek Ecotours in New Zealand


A Ziptrek zip line rider (Photo: Brendan van Son)

New Zealand is the country where you can discover another truly amazing zip line. Ziptrek Ecotours’ Kea Tour offers the opportunity to experience a ride on the steepest zip line in the world with a 30-storey descent and speeds of up to 40 mph. This is after a three-hour tour with six tree-to-tree zip lines providing incredible views over the forests, mountains and water below. The Ziptrek Ecotours company also offers other exciting zip line tours in Canada. Zip lines provide a fantastic way for thrill-seekers to view the amazing scenery below them.

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