3 Great Volunteer Experiences In Tanzania

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Tanzania is located in East Africa; it is famous for its incredible wildlife, rich culture and natural beauty. It is also a country with a large population of children; therefore, presence of volunteers is beneficial in order to educate this huge number of children from primary schools to colleges. Teaching in Tanzania is a great way to immerse in a different culture in an exotic country and make a difference in the community.

Teaching volunteers in Tanzania work by themselves or alongside local teachers and other volunteers teaching subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education. The number of students in a class may range from 30 to 80 and volunteers assist local teachers in daily lessons, providing one on one attention to students and sometimes relieving the teacher of a lesson or two per day.

There are different kinds of schools in which to volunteer in Tanzania, Government Schools, Private Schools, Special Needs Schools and Orphanage Schools. Each of the school type has holidays at different times of the year, which means that teaching opportunities are available throughout the year.


Tanzania being a part of the Sub-Saharan Africa has unfortunately not escaped the treacherous HIV/AIDS and other illnesses prevalent in this region. Due to deaths caused by the diseases, a large number of orphans in this country are in dire need of caregivers. In addition, parents have abandoned their children, being too poor to provide for them. Due to the family oriented culture of Tanzanians, relatives take in these children, which put on a considerable strain upon them. Hence, relatives send these children to orphanages for certain hours of the day to receive education, food and interaction.

Volunteers in orphanages have various tasks such as teaching, helping with homework, cooking, cleaning, farm work, caring for young babies and assisting in feeding programs. Whether you are bathing babies or helping in running an orphanage, you will help provide emotional support and improve the quality of life for the orphans in Tanzania.


To any person in any part of the world, healthcare is a basic need and unfortunately, in Tanzania it is neither accessible nor affordable especially for those in rural villages and poor urban areas. Volunteering in the medical field helps provide care in these marginalized areas working alongside local professionals and gaining an understanding of the healthcare system in Tanzania.

Volunteers work in different areas such as hospitals, dispensaries or clinics depending on previous experience and training. There are opportunities in different departments such as laboratory and testing, pharmacy, radiology, maternity and family planning, ultrasound and dentistry. Volunteers work alongside local professionals in order to overcome language barriers and to ensure that the procedures comply with Tanzania Health Care System.

Volunteers in the medical field need to have trained and qualified in relevant medical fields in order to get a placement in any of the local health centers. Since Tanzania is a third world country, volunteers should be ready to work in basic facilities and limited resources.

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